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 The essential qualities of an information product

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: The essential qualities of an information product   Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:53 pm

T ransmettre information to share, remains the aim of an information product. But we need to provide this information in such a way that it is easily and quickly integrated by the reader, subscriber and / or customer to whom it is intended. We must also ensure that transmit this information as efficiently as possible way . Also, this information should provide a solution to a potential problem, inform the reader and / or him make his life easier and better in one way or another.

The designer of an information product should respect the time spent by the buyer to "absorb" the information. Time is precious to all of us.

It is absolutely not necessary that an information product, available in eBook format is composed of 100 or 150 pages. Also a large information product takes time to be designed, and also be read, and even more to be "absorbed" and then put into practice.
Very often, those who buy e-books do in order to obtain information and / or to solve a problem . Furthermore, they generally do wish in the shortest period of time possible and efficiently .
irrelevant information, for the sole purpose of making the electronic length of 150 pages book, not of interest to researchers of information relevant and pointed. For this, a digital book will often be optimally effective when only has 30 to 60 pages. It all depends, of course contents to be transmitted, sometimes are shorter than 20 pages ebooks and remain effective.

How to define a format for your information product ?

The users and clients are potentially interested in an information product will not be receptive to all the same formats. From a cognitive point of view and memory, it is recognized that some will simply read information for it to be clarified . Others learn best when listening to the same information .... just reading is not enough. Still others need to have a visual information in order to fully understand and integrate.

We must also consider the type of information you want to convey through an information product, and adapt the format depending on the nature of this information. Also, a digital book, audio or video will best suit a particular way to present your information. An e-book is unlikely to be appropriate to post some useful information.
For example, a simple writing can not adequately convey certain information such as 'How To'. These information and presented, will be more relevant presented video. and some others will be better presented in the form of audio, leaving more room for emotion conveyed by the voice or music. To publish the information you want to convey through an information product, you have the choice between several formats.
The 3 main formats of an information product

a) The e-books or digital books : this format is the simplest and least expensive to create. It is possible for any subject, especially since you can integrate images and links to audio and video. This type of format is therefore appropriate for both technical information such as information motivation and personal development. An eBook written conscientiously delivering information current and relevant still sell well on the Internet. They can be sold cheaper than other types of products since their inception cause less expense .... only the time spent by the author.

b) The audio search require the same as that of an electronic book but also require production investment and optionally distribution, in the case where it is produced on a non-virtual carrier (CD). The good news is that today's computers and software available on the Internet audio recording quality is simple to perform. Be used primarily for transmitting audio information dealing with personal development, marketing, business ...

c) The video is more difficult and expensive to produce. But they are best suited for the treatment of certain information and topics. If you do not have the opportunity to design the video yourself, you need to hire a professional, or at least you will have to rent or buy video equipment.

To summarize:

• The eBook can be used to support many see most subjects, and it is cheaper to produce .
• The audio is well suited to such topics as motivation, marketing, finance and business. ..
• The video should be used for the production of action-oriented subjects and / or learning, such as yoga classes and tutorials software. ...

When you choose the type of information you want to convey product, consider the cost but also the best way to present the product to your audience.
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The essential qualities of an information product
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