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 Internet Business: 7 steps before launching

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Internet Business: 7 steps before launching   Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:55 pm

Understand the needs of our future customers Internet business.
7 Steps to Internet business

A efore embarking in a small business, an Internet business, we must first understand the needs of the target market and then try to provide an appropriate solution .
These 7 steps can be used by entrepreneurs and web entrepreneurs who want to start up a new business, internet business, or create a marketing plan for an already thriving structure.
Most people praise the quality of their products or services. Instead of starting like this, it is advisable to regularly inform the target market and build a relationship of trust to strengthen your credibility.

Have a good marketing plan is essential for the company and an Internet business. Profits and growth are directly and proportionately related to the effectiveness of the marketing plan.
If you're wondering where to start, these seven steps will help you understand the market and the Internet business.

Answer the following questions:
1 Who. - who is your target market? Who is your ideal customer? How research should be done to learn more about the target market of your future Internet business?
2 What. - ? wants your ideal customer What does your product and services will they be useful to them? What are the problems with your customer that your product will solve? What solutions your customers demand there? What is

your USP (unique selling proposition)? What are the industry trends? What will your customers react? What do you sell? (For example: sell you glasses or vision) What are the products and brands
services? What would be the price?
Where 3. - Where is your ideal client? Where is it located geographically? Where will you place to enable it to easily reach you? Where will he receive information messages about your product? Will you have personal conversations, will hold seminars and write up a blog, newsletters or articles?
When 4. - When and how often will you send your marketing communications? When your customers be the most likely to buy?
Why 5. - Why are you in this Internet business there? Why customers should they come home? Why do not they go to your competitors? Why would they buy these products online? Why should they choose your products?

6 How. - How your customer buys there? How to reach potential customers? How will you communicate your marketing strategies? How will you present the information to your customers to get them to make their buying decision?

The mentality of marketing 7. - Try to adopt a mentality of marketing and your small business, your Internet business will grow to success and you will make more profits.
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Internet Business: 7 steps before launching
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