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 The storytelling and the art of storytelling knowledge to develop its business

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: The storytelling and the art of storytelling knowledge to develop its business   Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:54 pm

The storytelling and the art of storytelling knowledge to develop its business

Quotes related to storytelling:

"Every human being has an innate need to hear and tell stories" - (Harvey Cox)
"The best leaders, with few exceptions, are past masters in the art of using stories and symbols" - Tom Peters

C ela happens in the United States in the 70s, in the state of Wisconsin. A young 13 year old boy, named Joe, who lived a difficult childhood, is usually in the office of the principal on the benches. They fight constantly with his friends and we see that Joe flies regularly.

In fact, it begins with petty theft, then it becomes much more serious. So that the flight from burglary, he finds himself in the house of correction.
When he leaves, he begins to steal and rob. This time he finds himself in prison.

Served his sentence, he returned to the family home, left by his parents died during his incarceration. So he moved into this house, located in a small town, and just installed, traders begin to observe strange things; whenever Joe goes somewhere there are missing items. It is never caught in the act, but it still seems very strange.

There is for example a boat used to cross the little river town that disappears! Everyone talks about it, of course, suspicions all converge Joe, but no real proof ...

One day, coming out of a bar, Joe meets a gorgeous woman whose beauty fascinates ... And as Joe is not bad either, they look and are seen in both eyes, with fascination ...

And Joe gives him this invitation: "Would you care to come and dance with me Saturday night?"
The girl called Suzie says: "... Yes, if you are a gentleman ..."
They leave and it goes something extraordinary.

During the night, before all the stores in the city, there are cases filed, containing all the objects that were stolen ... The boat had disappeared back into place on the canal ...

Joe is going to dance with Suzie. Later she introduces him to her father who was one of the richest city notables ...

Joe becomes a worker and foreman, he married Suzie, it becomes one of the notables of the city, although we know his former prisoner of course. Moreover, it is also willing to take care of youth in reformatories in the region ...

Later, one day, he met Milton Erickson, great hypno-therapist who healed people by telling them stories.

M ilton Erickson has used much of this history, that of Joe, because the little phrase: "... Yes, if you are a gentleman ... "has changed the life of a man completely! A "simple little phrase"!
And this story has opened the doors of change to many people.
In this article on storytelling, I tell you this story is for three reasons:
Because a story about Milton Erickson, gold, one of my activity (in addition to internet marketing and website creation) is to receive patients in my office, since I work as a practitioner certified in Ericksonian hypnosis. I am personally interested in this story that fits perfectly in the content of storytelling.
As an expert in Internet Marketing, I want to tell you about the storytelling, the English term (which can be translated as "tales" or "storytelling") and is used in marketing to describe stories " hypnotic "for hanging and captivate his audience.
Also because this story, I want Christian Godefroy, master, champion all categories in Internet Marketing, of infoproducts of copywriting and storytelling. So, this article is also an opportunity to honor him.
5 tips (I like Christian) to tell a powerful and effective storytelling.
advice storytelling

N e going to develop these 5 tips in storytelling, we refer to a story, the story of a pencil. A pencil that will remind us what we need to do to tell a compelling story:
This is the story of a young woman, a self-entrepreneur who makes beautiful boxes with crayons. And one day, she took a pencil and she said this pencil: Look, if you want to get your life in pencil, I'll give you 5 very important tips.

1) You must understand that pencil alone does not work, it was not useful, it must be held by someone's hand. You must agree to be bound by hand another . This is the first tip for a pencil.

In storytelling, this is perhaps the first advice for someone who wants to write and tell stories. has to accept the advice of others , listen to them, and say that it is for the other and not just yourself. So think first one (the one / ones that you tell your story) before thinking about you.

2) For a pencil is very sharp, it must be cut ... And it is rather painful, you'll be pruned from time to time and it is not really much fun, but it ' is how you'll get better.

Storytelling, this can be painful, it is not always successful, but it is telling stories that are improved . This is part of learning storytelling, which allows to improve.

3) As you may have noticed, after this there is a pencil eraser. Why? Well, because we have the right to make mistakes but we must correct its mistakes.

And when stories are told, we must also correct its mistakes . For example, it is not enough to write an e-mail and send it, it must be read, or even read it to others to ask their opinion, and be corrected to improve their texts.

4) Looks like you're built there which is your essence, your soul is mine. Then around outside, there is the wood that protects you.

If you want to write and / or tell the story, the most important thing is your home, protect it!
By enriching your home that you will tell great stories and your storytelling will be effective. It is reading books, meeting people, trying to get to know others, enriching you personally that you can tell great stories that have impact.

5) Continue to write again and again!

Whatever the medium, paper, Internet, video ... Continue and continue to tell stories.

Why? Why stories you tell me? Why storytelling, when properly issued as a impact?

C and impact is related to the two cerebral hemispheres: the left hemisphere, which manages the rational , logical way we think, act and react. And the right hemisphere is the creative part , that of overall intelligence, intuition, imagination and emotion .
storytelling and copywriting

When you tell stories, you are talking mainly to the right hemisphere . We often think that our decisions are guided by reason, logic, while a large number of studies show that the main reasons for our decisions are emotional.
Why storytelling?
When you tell a story you capture attention .
In telling a story, you can make a simple message instead of complex explanations.
You can easily convey ideas .
The story is recorded in the memory . And we will remember you, your product, through history.
A story can lead to action .
The criteria for good storytelling

Q ue you to tell a story about a part of your life, or a story about your company, or a simple story, there are some criteria for it to be captivating.
Make an intro to install r, give the date, the place, the protagonists of the story.
T ind a problem or confrontation
Coup de theater , unexpected event
Solution / Resolution
Conclusion / push the Actio
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The storytelling and the art of storytelling knowledge to develop its business
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